Cloud Backup

Samen met onze Partner Nucleus zorgen we voor volledige & veilige online backup naar het datacenter te Antwerpen & Nossegem

Your data is worth its weight in gold!

With Nucleus Online Backup & Recovery you can make a secure externe backup with a minimum of expense and effort. For 1, 5 or 100 PC’s. Desktop, server or laptop. Mac, Windows, linux, …. No problem.

Our delta-block technology provides speed and restricts the bandwidth needed. Only data that has been modified is compressed and sent. The result: both the backup and the recovery of your data only takes a few minutes.

And if you encounter any problems, you are in control of the situation. The recovery function works quickly and impeccably. Even if you are not an expert.

Your advantages:

Save time & money

Software is expensive. Good hardware is very expensive. Time is valuable. With Nucleus Online Back-up & recovery, you need any of those.

Simply simple.

The system is up and running in less than 15 minutes. Fully configured.


Your files are encoded before they are sent to our servers. For outsiders, they are completely unreadable unless they have your personal decryption key.

Double secure

We make a back-up of your back-up. All back-ups are replicated to a secure datacenter in Antwerp and Brussels.

Centralised back-up management

Manage the back-ups form all your PCs in all your offices through a central system.

Simple restores

Restoring data is the achilles heel of many back-up systems. We won’t let you down when you truely need the back-ups. Restoring is as simple as pushing a few buttons.