Cabling - Labelling - Measuring

DVIT has all the necessary expertise and knowledge to take on a variety of cabling projects with our own engineers. For larger projects, we work with our partner, 'De Sutter Electronics'.

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

The reality is that over 70% of all data patch racks have been patched in a confusing and unorganised way. It is precisely this kind of situation which, over time, causes considerable annoyance when dealing with network problems.

Most data racks resemble a heap of spaghetti. They are installed with absolutely no structure; no coloured patch cables are used, nothing is labelled, and use of wire minders is totally non-existent.

If you require a solid and structured installation, complete with switching management and port numbering, be sure to contact us.

The structure and organisation of physical cabling is often forgotten about

Often where companies already carry out checks for redundancy and continuity of their network infrastructure, attention is only given to the active components and external network connections. Physical cabling that connects these components and networks is often forgotten about.

Does the company have a cabling strategy and/or guidelines with which data cabling must comply? A well-organised cabling infrastructure with long-term planning can deliver major cost savings.

Is your network cabling certified and well documented? Are your critical cable paths known and redundant?

Faulty or broken cables, as a result of excavation work or a fire for example, should be repaired as quickly as possible so as to avoid jeopardizing the continuity of the business processes.

The operation of your business often lies in the hands of just a few 'wires'. Through our 'Care for Cable' programme, we offer services that focus on the continuity of your physical cabling infrastructure.

DVIT, together with our partner De Sutter Electronics, is the right partner for advice about, and installation and maintenance of your cabling infrastructure. De Sutter Electronics provides complete cabling packages, from adjustments and extensions to complex migration projects.

Together with you, we can develop a complete picture of your current infrastructure and provide the appropriate advice to take it to a higher level. The combination of knowledge and experience, in terms of both cabling and network, allows us to provide the best advice for your questions concerning the efficiency of your cabling and possible extensions.

Audits and measurements performed by DVIT & De Sutter Electronics will give you a picture of the state and understanding of the uniformity of your cabling.

Businesses are increasingly dependent on the existing ICT infrastructure. Data, telephony and storage come together and demand more from the (wireless) network. Business processes are increasingly directly dependent on the provision of information via that same network.