DVIT is the right supplier for all your IT needs

with more than 15 years of experience

DVIT specializes in the daily management of both small and large networks at several SMEs and government departments. We deviate from the vast majority of standard rules, software and delineated fields of activity. Our strength lies in precisely the fact that we can assist our clients with all their problems, regardless of the available hardware and software.

We are the partner of choice for existing software, Internet connections, email systems, cabling/telephone, website management and all kinds of peripheral devices.

From formulating proposals to improving your current IT infrastructure, new technologies and innovations, we are here to help you.

After all activities have been coordinated, we also provide complete documentation for all IT procedures with the necessary manuals and Visio diagrams.

DVIT provides comprehensive support for all end users, both on-site and remote, for a variety of hardware or software problems, on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Providing customised internal or external training for end users or network administrators is also part of our service.

We are the partner of choice for various service providers and data/mobile telecom partners (Proximus, Telenet, Mobistar, Microsoft Office 365, Colt, Destiny...)